Corinne Saut, longevity consultant

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Corinne Saut

From an early age, I have always been passionate about the health, fitness and well-being sector; but what was closest to my heart was the profession of physiotherapist, I wanted to help those who were in great need, in brutal life changes; so I included a neurology rehabilitation center to help patients regain as much autonomy as possible depending on their disability.

I spent more than 10 years there, forged very strong relationships with my patients, then I decided to give a new direction to my activities...

Passionate about nutrition, I took training in herbal medicine, micro nutrition, visceral physio and settled into a liberal practice.

These trainings allowed me to understand the importance of food supplementation to be in better health for longer... Indeed our body works very well and it is autonomous provided that we provide it with the right fuel = healthy food and balanced.

Today, our lifestyles have deteriorated: more stress, more pollution, poor diet and lifestyle, overweight…. And our best “friend” foods (fruits and vegetables) have lost nutritional value!

It has therefore become essential to give our body a boost through supplementation to help it function better for longer.

I collaborated and tested several ranges of nutrition, food supplements… Until I found a laboratory specializing in longevity! I couldn't have said it better!

A scientific committee that is a reference on the international scene, specializing in new concepts of alternative medicine (stem cellss, telomeres, epigenetics, antioxidants, growth factors …) and which offers a whole range of nutrition, skin care and well-being products that work in total synergy to help our cells be healthier for longer.
In terms of health prevention, I obviously measure the impact of these products by consuming them myself, and through the testimonials of those who use them too!

And it naturally came to me the idea of operating a new professional orientation in the sector of longevity, helping this laboratory to make itself known and to establish itself and to help as many people as possible to stay in good health longerJ.

Corinne Jump,
Longevity consultant
Development and partnerships manager