Learn Shiatsu Massage


The massage are a very gentle way of taking care of ourselves. They nourish our bodies and our minds. We want everyone to have access to knowledge and knowledge. Everyone should be able to learn how to massage themselves and how to massage. And for us, there is no need to do major studies and follow very advanced courses. By taking short courses, it is possible to learn 80% techniques and do good.

Shiatsu Massage originated in Japan. In Japanese, the word shiatsu refers to the pressure of a finger and applies to the pressure of rubbing, crushing, stretching and friction techniques. There are a variety of types of shiatsu that are each rooted in one of three systems that emerged from Japan during the 1900s following the revival of traditional Japanese treatments, which included acupuncture or Anma massage. In fact, shiatsu evolved by combining traditional Japanese treatments and Western medical practices of the time. Find out how learn Shiatsu today.