My trigger with Yoga


Everyone can find their trigger with Yoga as long as they know it well. To this end, here are 3 things to better experience yoga on a daily basis.

3 things to better live your Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that today has become a way of life. It is dusted off and seduces more than one by its benefits, its philosophy and its variety. It is a technique that many people practice alongside other sports. Why do you really need to practice yoga?

Free yourself to be fulfilled

With yoga, there are many ways to break free.

Let go

During your yoga sessions, your guide will ask you to be more focused on the "here and now" effect. In other words, he asks you not to let your mind be distracted by parasitic ideas. You have to focus on your breathing, because inhaling/exhaling has an effect on the body.

The times when you practice yoga are a real parenthesis. They are timeless, because at the end of the session, you will feel light and de-stressed.

learn to breathe

Breathing is essential in the practice of yoga. It is associated with posture. Indeed, the principle with this exercise is to have a slow inspiration and expiration. And to get there, you have to activate your throat and your abs. the trigger with yoga is that it allows you to feel the air passing through your body.

In addition, it allows you to feel the small inconveniences that you feel in certain parts of your body. Then, thanks to these different exercises, you strengthen your cardiovascular system. A great way to breathe more!


Are you a sports fan, but find it difficult to stretch after training? Know that you can resort to the practice of yoga. With 1 hour of yoga, indeed, you can overcome this rigidity. But, how to go about it?

One or two sessions per week? Uh yes, this number is more than enough. At least, that's the minimum to make up for this lack. With this sport, you can start stretching after training. Quite simply, you should aim to achieve your maximum flexibility with each pose.

Go gently to avoid injury. Try to surpass yourself in your postures. You will master the asanas, which require more flexibility over time.

A sports supplement

As you can see, everything that has been developed so far has only the benefits of yoga. In other words, you only see the benefits of this exercise for the sport in general.

But, note that these do not stop there. In effect, this exercise 100 percent yoga will allow you to gain stamina and de-stress. It will allow you to breathe, improve the recovery and repair of your muscle tissue.

Review your posture

With yoga, you have several benefits.

Maintain your posture

Yoga is an exercise that improves posture, as the asanas align and stretch the body. These make it possible to lengthen the body, but also to stretch the spine. Indeed, through yoga, you learn to sit, and this, by adopting a good position.

You will know how to position your back straight, your torso forward and your shoulders back. With this one, your sitting bones will be well anchored in the ground. Thus, the asanas will act directly on your stability and balance.

Improve your body

You would have heard that yoga is not a sport that makes you sweat and exert yourself. Don't pay too much attention to these sayings. Yoga is neither a fitness session nor a running session. It is therefore normal to hear these words.

However, various postures 100 percent yoga, appeal to the deep muscles and appeal to sheathing. This allows you to work the whole body harmoniously. It is true that there are several types of yoga that allow you to stretch the muscles in order to refine the body. But among these, some are more dynamic than others.

Prevent injuries

Are you a fitness and endurance junkie? Know that by dint of doing them, you use the same muscles a little too much. However, thanks to specific sequences, yoga helps prevent injuries by reducing pain. 

“We cure evil with evil”: it is often said! It is the same with yoga. The latter cures the pain of sport through sport. Isn't that interesting for an athlete?


With yoga, there is no comparison or adversary. And if it is possible to do it in a room during a course, you will generally find yourself facing yourself. Indeed, it is not advisable to exceed the pain, because what the body can do depends on the asana.

The practice 10 minutes of yoga in the morning of yoga lies in listening, learning and respecting one's body.

Eat to live well

This is done in various ways.

Eat well

Are you going through a difficult situation, a worry or a state of stress? Um, well, whatever you have, know that your diet depends on your state of mind. As you will see, when you are stressed, you prefer fat.

Indeed, favoring fat is an excess of junk food. And to prevent the disappointments of such a diet, it is advisable to practice yoga. Thanks to the latter, you will feel more serene. You'll fall for fries less because you'll crave them less. Yoga is not a diet, but it makes it easy to control impulses.

Live better

A healthy mind in a healthy body, they say? This is actually the role of yoga. And if you don't know, yoga also called "yuj" means union between mind and body. Your life in society is therefore the result of your yoga practice. For this, it is advisable to have the necessary and to exercise the 100 pocket yoga postures for dummies.

sleep better

Man spends about a third of his life sleeping. But, have you ever wondered what would happen if during that moment, you can't find sleep? Tension, lack of concentration or fatigue are indeed, as many problems that you will encounter in the short term. In the long term, you might have insomnia.

Faced with these problems, if you see no solution, you can opt for yoga. This practice not only allows you to wake up in a good mood, but also full of energy. In addition, his postures promote falling asleep, because they are simple.