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L'olfactotherapy is a component of aromatherapy which helps to balance the person's moods, emotions through smells and reveal their best potential, strengths and potential.

Olfactotherapy uses the finest essential oils from carefully selected plants that stimulate the brain centers through the sense of smell. They also make it possible to evacuate the accumulated negative emotions as well as to strengthen and restore the internal resources of the human body.

Olfactotherapy is a simple but extremely powerful instrument. The benefits of essential oils can be enormous, not only because of their appealing scents, but also the messages they convey to us.

The fragrances of essential oils inspire people to understand how to improve themselves, to grow and relax, to feel free and to gain confidence, courage and self-assurance.

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What are the advantages of distance olfactotherapy training?

Several means are used to get rid of certain everyday diseases. In the fight against diseases, plants have always played a key role.

Essential oils from these are highly prized. Because they contain powerful active ingredients, essential oils are used to relieve many ailments.

It is for this reason that olfactotherapy has placed essential oils at the heart of its activity. Thanks to these oils, it helps to relieve physical, moral and emotional ailments.

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What is olfactotherapy?

Olfactotherapy is a psycho-emotional process involving thesmell and vibration issued by essential oils. It aims to stimulate certain regions of the brain in order to access memories and emotions. By this process, olfactotherapy makes it possible to find a mental and emotional stability.

Smell is known as one of the senses having a close interaction with the unconscious and memory. It is for this reason that it is the organ that interacts with essential oils. The aroma of some essential oils, has the power to bring out emotions buried deep within the being. These emotions are often the cause of headaches and lack of self-confidence.

This discipline differs from phytotherapy which uses all the elements of a plant obtained by other processes. For'olfactotherapy, only the reproductive organ of the plant matters the most. This is where all the essence of the plant comes from.

What are the objectives of the training?

Follow a training in olfactotherapy will allow you to establish your skills in aromatherapy and to have mastery of essential oils. You might also know about their various abilities as well as their shortcomings. A complete online olfactotherapy training comprises 10 modules and lasts on average one year.

In the first module, you will follow an introduction to scientific aromatherapy. It will allow you to distinguish aromatic molecules by your sense of smell.

In the second, you will get the basic notions of scientific aromatherapy. In the third module, you will already be able to offer aromatherapeutic solutions adapted to pathologies.

Module 4 you will learn the aromatherapeutic solutions adapted to pain and inflammation. In the next module, you will learn how to resolve brain pathologies such as depression and insomnia. Module 6 will allow you to relieve cardiovascular pathologies.

Module 7 will help you manage states of fatigue as well as dermatology.

In module 8, you will learn how to cure pathologies of the digestive tree. As for modules 9 and 10, they will respectively allow you to accompany the delivery of a pregnancy and breastfeeding with oils as well as to practice endocrinology.

You will learn how to use the properties of essential plants wisely to heal yourself through olfaction.

  • Bergamot
  • Atlas cedar wood
  • Sandalwood
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon
  • Juniper
  • Geranium
  • Immortal
  • Lavender
  • Myrrh
  • Nard
  • sweet orange
  • Petit grain bitter orange
  • Rosemary
  • Vetiver
  • Ylang ylang

Is olfactotherapy reliable?

Still called olfactory aromatherapy, olfactotherapy is now known to everyone because of its benefits. Even in the medical field, it enjoys strong popularity. Indeed, it has proven itself on several levels. Whether for physical, mental and emotional well-being, it meets expectations.

It is an efficient and reliable science. To obtain the essential oils, it is necessary to proceed to the quintessence. A crucial step in the process. Indeed, the quintessence is the fact of extracting the producing organ of a plant by vaporization. Using essential oils means taking advantage of natural active ingredients. That said, it is sometimes difficult to scientifically explain all the benefits of essential oils, because they work with the body.

However, it is important to remember that essential oils each have a well-defined action. The marriage of the olfactory vibrations of essential oils with the aura of its plant of origin acts on the brain. More precisely in the area where emotions and instinct are housed. Some people treat themselves only with essential oils. For them, it is the easiest and most natural way to regain health.

How is the final exam conducted?

Once olfactotherapy online training finished, time for exams. They are done online from the platform where you took the training. They only last an hour, even an hour and a half. The procedure is simple, it consists of an MCQ questionnaire and practical clinical cases.

Copies are corrected by a olfactory aromatherapy specialist and are scored out of 20.

To be admitted, you will need to obtain at least a mark of 10/20. Following this, you will receive a training certificate which will allow you to practice. If necessary, the student whose grade will be below 10/20 will only receive a certificate of achievement.

This certificate of achievement cannot allow him to exercise the profession of olfactotherapist.

One of the conditions for being authorized to take the exam is to pass all the modules. In addition, if you are unable to obtain the average necessary to be admitted to the exam, you can retake it in the following session.

What diseases can be treated with olfactotherapy? 

Several ailments can be treated with olfactotherapy. She uses oils taking into account their therapeutic benefits as well as the ailment the patient is suffering from. Thus, by inhaling the fragments, olfactory aromatherapy makes it possible to cure certain everyday ailments.

It helps to fight stress and facilitates relaxation. You will also be able to regain all your energy thanks to this method. You could also get rid of sadness due to a tragic event that bothers you. In addition, it helps to gain confidence and eliminate certain addictions, tobacco, drugs, pills, etc. L'olfactotherapy also improves concentration.

It also allows you to know yourself better, to have a calmer mind and to be at peace with yourself. For victims of head trauma or stroke, olfactotherapy can also help them reintegrate into their living environment. And that in a completely natural way. Stuck people who find it difficult to open up and make friends can also use this science.

The benefits of olfactotherapy are incalculable. Several people who previously had difficulty speaking in public have confessed that they overcame this difficulty thanks to the balance of scents. In addition, since the training is online, you will not have to travel.  

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Olfactotherapy Training Reviews

This online training offered by an expert, pauline, allows you to retrain and become an olfactotherapist. This professional training is of high quality.

It is also aimed at people who simply wish to broaden their field of skills and learn a new know-how.

The Video and PDF teaching method allows you to progress at your own pace and acquire all the knowledge necessary to master the range of plants and know how to use their therapeutic virtues in all circumstances.

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