Bach flowers training online


Bach flower medicine is one of the best alternatives for those who wish to reduce their consumption of drugs, and that, very quickly. If you want to follow a bach flower training online, read this article.

Bach flower training online in 6 points.

It is clear that many training courses for well-being are emerging. Among them, the Bach flower training. For around three decades, she has been helping men and women naturally radiate health.

Bach flower training online: what is it?

The so-called online bach flower training is intended for anyone wishing to reduce their consumption of medication. Thus, it is aimed at those who wish to draw from nature the energy necessary to vibrate with health on a daily basis. More particularly, to those who wish to use these flowers in their professional practice.

Indeed, this bach flower training online which comes under psycho-emotional therapy is a complementary approach. Its main objective is to make flower remedies understood, as well as their use. It is a training course that cannot replace traditional medicine, but its educational content is positively effective.

Then, it should be noted that the online bach flower training allows you to become a certified bach flower advisor. It is a title that you can exercise freely. Once you get trained, you will be able to refer patients in a safe environment.

Finally, you should know that this accredited bach flower training online is recognized by independent professionals. This is not the responsibility of a professional order and is not reserved for any school or training center. But you have the possibility of following it on our site with the accompaniment of experienced practitioners.

How do I register online for this training?

To follow an online bach flower training, you must follow certain steps.

Choose and order the course

This is the first step to take. Indeed, for your registration, you must first make your choice and take into account your needs. Contact your center if possible. bach flower training online via its platform and ask questions about your choice.

Then you have to order the course. It is done in the same way as a purchase on the internet. You must choose the courses on the "order" option and follow the instructions. Thanks to these, your payment can therefore be made in complete security.

Pay training fees

The payment sites are ultra-secure (SSL certificate – padlock). And to make the payments, you have the choice between several means. For example, you can go through Paypal, Interac or Stripe.

Once the payment has been made, you must have it validated by the services in charge. You will then receive an email, which will invite you to join the online training space. However, these different means of payment will not retain any bank details.

Costs bach flower training online can be paid in several monthly installments free of charge. Only when placing the order, you will be charged the first monthly payment. This will give you direct access to your training. The rest will be taken directly from your account.

How to follow this online training?

As listed above, this training allows you to become a Bach flower advisor. To follow it, you can go to a user-friendly and ultra-modern e-learning platform. Once you are there, you will access the panel that holds you. The platform adapts to all media (tablets, desktops or laptops).

For this accredited bach flower training online, you can register on the website of a school of your choice. Like e-learning platforms, course content meets the training objective. Indeed, to follow it effectively online, you must download a course material. You should read nine videos, followed by examples.

You must also deal with exercises, which reinforce your understanding of the concepts. You will be able to track your progress in real time. Likewise, you will be entitled to a final test followed by a personalized correction and an individual interview on Skype. This interview will be done in one hour, with your trainer.

What is the duration of the training ?

Taking into account the date of your registration on the training space, know that you have six months. A duration during which you can access the courses on the platform (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Indeed, during this period, you can learn at your own pace, depending on your availability.

And when you finish learning and would be ready, you will download and complete the final test. Note that you have a total of one year from your registration to submit your test. You may run out of time to access the space bach flower training online. In this case, you can pay additional months.

This additional period, which is generally six months, must be sufficient. Then, as soon as you submit the test, it is corrected and marked out of one hundred by your trainer. If you fail, your trainer contacts you and asks you to review the concepts that you still do not master. You may well be offered a second test.

What are the different levels of training?

Before starting the bach flower training online, be aware that it is available on three different levels. And you understood it above, the duration depends on your pace and your abilities. Indeed, the first two levels of the training allow to have a global and solid knowledge of flowers.

Then, the third level is much more focused on the professional context of the job of an adviser. It determines the end of your cycle and is sanctioned by a final test. Note that those who do not complete the course receive a certificate of attendance. The latter does not give the right to practice as a "Bach flower advisor", of course.

What are the benefits of taking this course?

This training that you will have decided to follow online, will be beneficial for yourself as well as for your loved ones. Indeed, your knowledge of the different products will allow you to use Bach flowers well. A online animal bach flower training, will allow you to use these plants on your animals.

You will work on the interior conflicts of your patients by acting on the pains of the spirit and the body. Moreover, the objective of this training is to allow you to choose a remedy that corresponds to an unbalanced state of emotion. As a result, it can complement your professional activity.