Remote chromotherapy training


Chromotherapy is one of the means used today to cure the most unsuspected ailments. Are you interested in it?

The essentials to become a chromotherapist

There are very old medicines based on the use of totally natural therapy. One of these techniques relies on healing the human body by applying certain colors to strategic parts. This old science is called the complete chromotherapy. Several specialists in this art offer their services on the internet and even distance training workshops. This article gives you all the information about it.

Why become a chromotherapist today

Nowadays, the human being aspires more and more to the adoption of more ecological means to meet these needs. The promotion of organic articles and natural methodologies is at the heart of habits. Added to this is the saturation of the job market which pushes towards the search for new ideas.

 It is therefore normal for a lover of medicines of all kinds to embark on this vocation for the future. The online color therapy training is totally possible in order to become a professional in this form of healing.

 There are free basic training courses on the web for an introduction to this science. But in a desire to deepen your knowledge, you can join a school. Joining paid training online chromotherapy allows you to acquire the maximum of knowledge. It involves theoretical and above all practical training under the guidance of an expert.

Color Healing Methodologies

This science bases its philosophy on the self-healing of the human body through stimulation by colors. It's kind of a quantum medicine which uses energies and invisible waves to relieve physical discomfort. We note at this level that all parts of the human anatomy are sensitive and receptive to an emotional impulse.

This category of therapy makes use of the three basic shades of blue, red and yellow and their derivatives of green, purple, orange and turquoise. It should be noted that this form of medicine generally uses clear lights.

Therapeutic features of each color

To enter into the secrets of this science, it is important to know the fields of action of each color. This is part of the basic teaching during a online color therapy training.


It symbolizes hope and achievement. It is the hue of ripe fruit and sunshine. Its use then makes it possible to restore vitality to body cells or the body concerned.

It wakes up and reinvigorates all dormant functions. These effects on the liver and heart are remarkable. It is therefore a motivating color and brings a lot of happiness.


She is known for these soothing characteristics. It is the color of a clear sky that illustrates balance and cohesion. It is used to cure all mental and physical emotional disorders.

It's a shade of purification which promotes the elimination of waste through these various means of evacuation. It allows not only to harmonize the functionalities of the body, but especially to remain in this state as long as possible.

The green

Basically, to get this color, you have to know how to intelligently mix blue and yellow. It is the hue of nature and greenery. It allows to regenerate a diseased component. Its action is not only physical, but also psychological.

It is often applied to central organs such as the heart, liver and brain. The idea is to bring general health to the whole body through the stimulation of the latter. Green recharges and gives a second life.

The Red

It is the color of blood that is often used to cure ailments. It decongests internal systems and devices to ensure their proper functioning. It is one of the first studied during a online chromotherapy training.

Red regulates a normal body temperature, stimulates the production of blood cells and the perfect activity of the heart. Compared to others colors, the application of red light should be very moderate. His essay could lead to unfortunate inconveniences such as unexplained tantrums.


It is the result of a moderate combination between yellow and red. It is often used to cause a double action ofphysical and mental harmonization. This results in a perfect eruption of positive emotion. Orange also ensures sociability and motivation outside the norm. It is used to regulate the disorders of the way.


Its area of action is the brain and spinal cord. Its purpose is therefore to preserve mental and psychological health. By this action, it acts on the whole body and especially on the emotions. It is a color that reassures and strengthens the bones. It is advisable to apply them during wet times. 

The turquoise color

Its purpose is to preserve the immune system as much as possible. Also called reinforced yellow, it gives a second protection to the human body. It therefore instills tranquility and helps the individual not to scatter over unnecessary tasks.

We therefore understand the importance of colors in chromotherapy.

Types of training available online

There are several branches of chromotherapy training on the Internet.

Light therapy

This therapy is a method that consists of a permanent and daily light exposure. Most of the time, it is a light of white colors. Regular morning sunbathing can have the same effects. It is a branch of online chromotherapy training.

Ocular chromotherapy

It is a branch of chromotherapy science which aims to solve all mental disorders. The application is done with special lamps that send light beams through the eyes to reach the brain. The aim is generally to calm or motivate the mind in order to combat, for example, stress, anxiety and depression.


It is an acupuncture that uses specific colored lights instead of needles. The meridians are also stimulated in this science by electrical impulses. During a online color therapy training, you can choose this study which is very effective.

In conclusion, online chromotherapy training is a good way to quickly learn these extraordinary techniques. There are several branches with well-defined functions depending on the type of methods and the ailments to be relieved. It's a supportive and alternative medicine to allopathic science.