Notino Real perfume review: would you rather pay for a star or for yourself?


My guess is yes, they are. They offer very prestigious and high-end brands for the most part, and I'm sure these brands would have already exposed their unauthorized distribution or fake content.

In addition, Notino offers brands whose bottles are unique and difficult to reproduce. The mass and massetige perfumery markets are evolving at a breakneck pace with a ton of new launches every year.

Therefore, older scents need to change. TK Max and other discount retailers often carry premium brands – again, these are brands wanting to clear inventory that isn't selling, or flankers that may not have been doing so well.

notino real perfume

How do I know if my Notino perfume is original?

I always buy my favorite perfume from a Notino online store. It's not very well known (although I have others that I like, but this one is my favorite…) it's called Victoria's Secret or Burberry.

There are a few indicators that should be fairly easy to spot a true from a false.

  • First of all, if you buy a perfume in a boutique and it says something like “smells like…”, it's not the original.
  • If you happen to see a bottle of perfume at a garage sale or flea market, I'd be careful and make sure it wasn't old or watered down.
  • Also don't go near places like ebay. There are some things ebay is great for, but perfumes are not one of them.
  • If it comes in a box, sealed, with the ingredients on the back as well as the stamp on the bottom, and especially if it's from a reputable store and you've been buying from them for years, you can say risk free that it is genuine. As is the case with Notino.
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  • I'm going to show you some pictures of my favorite perfume. I always have a spare bottle in case I run out because I wear it every day and like I said it's definitely my favourite…..

Notino Perfumes

Yes, they are. However, I still recommend buying from this site, as they source their stock through so-called "gray" channels (some distributors resell excess stock at lower prices than physical stores have to pay), which leads to underpricing of sellers and mainstream brands.

This is a very interesting gain for the consumer who obtains a perfume cheaper than in other stores. It's a very good opportunity to have a quality perfume, without paying for TV ads or stars or shops on the Champs Elysées...