And when are you getting there?


She couldn't believe how bad her skin was. She was always so white, but over the years she had become dull and lifeless. She even noticed wrinkles forming around her eyes. A mirror showed this old woman who no longer had the youthful radiance she had before. The girl thought of all the products she tried, including those from good brands like Lancôme or Yves Rocher, but nothing worked for her skin.

She confided in a friend who pointed out what really bothered her: “You should take better care of yourself” 

The friend said that it is possible to find ways to make your complexion healthier without spending too much money in beauty products by eating healthy foods - especially fruits and vegetables - by drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Of course, the girl already knew all this, but she never managed to do it regularly.

The girl's friend suggested she try a green tea face mask. She said she had tried one before with fairly good results for her complexion, but at first she just thought it was because of the increase in green tea consumption in general, which is believed to boost metabolism too.

The girl did some research online and read reviews about the effectiveness of green tea face masks for wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, or other common skin issues in people approaching their 40s.

But one thing leading to another, beyond these masks, she realized a little-known discovery: growth factors. This discovery seems so revolutionary that she wanted to know more and therefore tried. There are few companies that offer serums based on growth factors.

Not to offend her friend, she did not tell her about this. Some people have even written that they noticed an improvement after just one use!