To mothers of children


Stephanie was sad because she had no children. She went online to research how to get pregnant, but when she did her research, it all seemed futile.

She felt like there was no hope in her life until one day she saw an article about “parenting without children”.

The article said that if you take care of yourself and do things like exercise, eat healthy foods, and stay socially active, you will be happier.

Stephanie followed the advice in the article religiously for two weeks and did everything they said, including eating more vegetables, which made her feel so much better!

Suddenly his mood changed from needy to determined. His newfound happiness had finally arrived thanks to these small steps towards self-care. I know, I know. It looks like it was written by a 12 year old who just figured out how to use Word!

But this “article” is not only real; it even has its own Wikipedia page (yes, really)! And apparently it's part of an ongoing series on medium. I decided to head over there to see what else they posted in this awesome article series.