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These products are really good, I lost my belly fat in a few months, this is the best way to lose weight using these products, I wouldn't use anything else as I have used loads of different products nothing really worked but abdominal toxin did work and if only you do it right and always watch what you eat.

I have always had good results with the draining drink and she tastes good.

Tummy tox night burner drink

  • The Tummy tox Night burner drink goes very well with the slim cappuccino drink. It tastes like a good cup of coffee in the morning and I feel good knowing it's part of my weight loss regimen.
  • This is my fourth order, I have never been more satisfied with a slimming product, great quality, it does the job and the prices are great. I can't be more satisfied. I suggested to my friends and they are happy too.
  • I took the night burner day/night drink. I'm not sure I'll lose weight, I don't measure myself, but I feel lighter, not bloated and don't feel like snacking after drinking it. I also like its taste.

Tummytox booty tone reviews

  • The service was excellent and the powders are quite tasty. I'm halfway through 10 days and still haven't lost any weight – I'm disappointed. I made 1 can of drinks and am down to my last strip of tablets. I still have 2 boxes of drinks and pills to go, can't see a difference, but I'll finish the rest and post another comment.

  • My order was shipped and delivered very quickly. I just started using booty tone and the tea today. I will update the results after a week. Oh and I love my free bottled water.

  • The delivery was a bit long, that being said the website was very nice, easy to complete the order with a good discount! The purchase was well packed in nice resealable bags.

  • This is simply the best thing ever, I love tummy tox and will continue to buy more and more until I reach my target weight.

  • The delivery was fast ! It took about 5 days I think to be delivered from the time I ordered. I haven't been used to the products long enough to rate them.

  • I am very happy with the abdominal toxin, it was the only way for me to start losing weight and regaining my self esteem. Thank you a lot.

Tummytox daily kick tea

  • Quick delivery. This product works, I'm not as hungry with the flat stomach pills and the slimming tea reduces bloating.

  • I lost half a pound in my first week of taking the products. Fast delivery, received in 3 days after ordering. I highly recommend

Tummy tox France

10 months ago I loved my first order but have yet to receive my second order 'burn baby burn', I have been ordering these for a while now and they are helping me but slowly.

I ordered Tummy Tox and it took three weeks for it to arrive, then I took a sachet and felt sick, then threw up at first. But then after a week my body got used to it and then the change, and the fat burning accelerated. In addition, the Tummy Tox service in France is very available and attentive and responds well to questions.

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Enjoy it girls!