How to become a bach flower consultant?


The process to become a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner at the Bach Flower Institute

“Health is our duty and our right. It is the complete and total integration of body, mind and soul and it is not a distant aspiration to achieve, but it is so easy and natural that many of us do not have not even thought.

Dr. Edward Bach, Free Yourself

Become a Bach Flower Practitioner

To begin to become a practitioner of Bach flower essences, you must first take the introductory and advanced courses (levels 1 and 2) and take the Bach Flower Essence Practitioner course.

This is the flower essence practitioner training that gives you the understanding and experience to collaborate effectively with others using a more professional approach.

Professional approach

The professional training program provides a solid foundation on how you can use your skills to help your colleagues consult with you.

You will learn effective ways to ask questions, and learn to listen to your heart. You will also increase your confidence to determine which solutions will be most beneficial to your customers. In addition, you will be able to reflect on the different steps that can help you lay the foundation for success in your Bach flower training.

The course consists of video lessons, given for students in a small group and an instructor. This is followed by a period of six to twelve months of home study, which will allow you to gain more experience in choosing strategies and taking into account the many challenges you will face when working with other people.

This course gives you the opportunity to improve your ability to collaborate with other people and increase your skills as a consultant.

The Bach Flower Practitioner Certification Program provides training for individuals who wish to use the remedies professionally or incorporate them into their current medical practice.

This Bach Flower program offers the method and approach that will help others achieve their most effective level.

Classes are taught by the most knowledgeable instructors, who have years of flower remedy knowledge and teaching experience. Classes are taught in small groups that allow students direct access to the depth of flower wisdom they impart to their students.

As part of the Bach Flower Practitioner training (level 3), students will:

  • Practice and develop the skills to choose the best solution through exercises as well as case studies and discussions with colleagues.
  • Develop your listening and communication skills.
  • Follow your personal and professional development
  • Improve your understanding of the intricacies of Bach Flower Remedies
  • Increase your consultation capacity by participating in active exercises
  • Connect to the ancient healing theories of Dr. Bach.
  • Study the standards of professional practice and the most important elements of running a practice.

Training duration

A four-day course, followed by six months of homework that will allow you to become a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner (PCFB). The live portion that is part of the course has been changed to a livestreamed online course that lasts four days and also includes daily assignments.

The homework part of the course focuses on practical and theoretical aspects, and also includes customer case studies. Students receive individual feedback on their performance throughout the course.

Course format

The video courses will be followed by 6 to 12 months of home study consisting of essays, philosophical discussions, application of remedies and case research.

Certification is granted once all home study requirements have been met, and is due within 18 months.

Much thought and consideration has gone into creating this hybrid delivery that will ultimately lead to an accredited Bach Flower Practitioner. It has been extremely gratifying to be able to feel the connections and the dynamics that we have had the opportunity to build in this brand new online environment.

Bach flower training advice

My experience during this Level 3 Online Practitioner Course was extremely informative, helpful and fun.

I am convinced that the dazzling soul of our trainer, her exciting method of teaching, her vast knowledge and utmost wisdom, and her straightforward method of conveying the "golden nuggets" that Dr Bach's precise system holds , made my job easier.

I am sure that as a Certified Bach Flower Practitioner, I can help others by aligning myself with Dr. Bach's way of thinking and method, and his desire to develop an effective and cost-effective method of healing. to meet the demands of modern times, which everyone can use.

Bach Flower Training is an amazing place to study! I am very grateful to have had a fast, comfortable, intimate and wonderful Level 3 online experience. I am grateful to Annie and her approach.

I took the course online because it was more convenient and also because it was online with my schedule, however I was a bit concerned that it would be online only.

However, the course was actually better than I expected. The process was simple and the whole experience was more relaxing for me since I didn't have to be away from home, take care of the dog at a pet hotel, go on a trip and endure the added anxiety of traveling during a pandemic.

The course also allowed significantly reduce accommodation and travel costs. This is one of the most enjoyable continuing education courses I have had the pleasure of taking. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, which allowed me to learn, understand and fully assimilate the content.

I really enjoyed my practitioner course. Annie is an excellent instructor, who helped us by giving us confidence and teaching us our capacity to be future practitioners.

This amazing course gave us the foundation to become a Bach flower expert. We gained a lot of knowledge and had fun during the course.

Annie is very knowledgeable about flowers and her passion for them is contagious. She is an exceptional, kind and patient teacher. She also excels in technology. The four-day “experimental” online course was flawless!

the self-help group certainly worked, as the engaging and personal method kept us interested in the topic and connected to other attendees.