qigong training online


To restore the flow of your energies in order to feel permanently good, you can register for an online qi gong training.

5 essential things for your online qi gong training

In Asia and mainly in China, the philosophy of well-being is based on a perfect circulation of internal energies. The birth of qi gong comes from this harmony between yin and yang. This ancestral Chinese gymnastics is today very famous in the world. Many followers seek every day to follow a qigong training in line. Here is all the information for a basic initiation or a deepening of this art on the internet.

The Importance of Qigong Practice

Most of the time, a malaise is the result of a dysfunction of the energy centers. These disorders are caused by poor circulation of IQ. The regular exercise of qi gong will bring you relief and comfort through rhythmic breathing sessions with well-ordered gymnastics.

This type of practice is therefore totally based on the settlement of chi imbalances. The need for a perfect knowledge of Man on his visible aspect, but also from a spiritual point of view is important. A online medical qi gong training can be essential to acquire this ancestral knowledge of well-being.

Conditions for normal qigong training

In general, it takes an apprenticeship of three years to become a professional in this trade. Distance learning calls for much more application from the student. It is based on correspondence with the teacher or participation in classes via Skype or Zune for example. But the permanent exercise is essential through the viewing of video courses, personal and extensive research.

The qualities of a good qigong practitioner

The delicacy of this art requires the requirement of certain behaviors and skills in the student. They are necessary for good understand and practice qigong. It is :

  • The will to know;
  • a great aspiration for this vocation;
  • good breathing;
  • the deep desire to assist oneself and one's neighbour;
  • total availability to learn;
  • hand agility;
  • high listening quality;
  • a perfect sense of observation.

Look for its different qualities within you to boost your learning. 

Qigong as a means of healing

The programs of therapeutic qigong training emphasize the teaching of special techniques. These include general massage, acupuncture, rhythmic breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation. These methods aim for mental and emotional health based on well-being and the search for inner peace.

The patient's mind must be freed from all stress and blemishes by decongesting these energy states. These qualities detailed above are therefore necessary to achieve these objectives. This is one of the prerequisites for joining a partial or complete qigong training.

To this end, it is important to emphasize that the learner must be in perfect mental and physical health. This is crucial for both actors in any qigong practice, as the therapist often transmits some of their energies to the patient and vice versa. This is why predation exercises are always planned before and purification exercises after each healing session.

Types of online qi gong training

The choice of the teaching process depends on the achievements of the aspirant. He can opt for self-study or registration for well-defined courses. There are several sites that offer learning workshops of all kinds.

Courses for beginners

The new learner of qi gong must have at least one year for the Chinese medicine introductory course. This is the minimum time required to acquire the skills needed to practice this profession. This training is above all theoretical and before being practical.

These distance courses focus on knowledge of the energy body. It should be known that the control of the internal structure of the man in its totality is essential. The majority of the basic disciplines go in the direction of this quest towards oneself. These are subjects such as reflexology, the study of meridians and vital centers.

After the online courses, there will be internships to assist with sessions for professional development. It participates in the practical qigong training. They will be done physically by constant exercises with a specialist. It is therefore important for the learner to choose the right study cabinets.

Long-term in-depth training

To properly assimilate the complex teaching of this art, it is important to take your time. It normally takes three years to fully understand and master the healing techniques.

It should therefore not be forgotten that human health is at stake. It is very useful to take your time for a long-lasting and thorough training in qi gong. It is complex, complete and rich in several techniques that the learner must master.

On the one hand, it is this normal course that gives the right to the title of practitioner and to consider it as a license to practise. On the other hand, it helps you to become a qi gong teacher with the possibility of teaching. But to establish this knowledge, refresher courses can be useful to you.

Short-term specialization training

This type of course is intended for students wishing to anchor themselves in the hidden parts of the discipline. They are very often people already initiated and followers who wish to deepen their knowledge. This development can take place in a given area, with a specific instructor who teaches a specific methodology.

These practices are very common in Asia where some of these sciences are the prerogative of old families of healers. The secrets of their special qigong techniques are therefore transmitted through the generations and intended for the most deserving. Most of the time these lessons are theoretical and practical.

In conclusion, qi gong is an ancestral and traditional art whose movements aspire to peace of mind. It can be therapeutic or perceived as a simple sport. The full apprenticeship takes place over three years with internships to gain more experience. Free qi gong training of all types is available on the internet on several sites.