Remote lahochi training


Lahochi is one of the ancient methods used to heal oneself. You can master this art through remote lahochi training. 

Learn all about lahochi distance learning.

Various energy approaches today emphasize the power of the human body to self-regenerate to stay young and beautiful. These are generally approaches relating to the balance of body and mind. Indeed, the best known among these and whose training is done at a distance is the lahochi. Like others, it takes into account the fact that each being has a natural capacity for healing. What do you really need to know about distance learning lahochi?

Lahochi from a distance: what is this training?

Lahochi is an energy technique that consists of laying on of hands. It is an energy with high vibrational frequencies that is practiced face to face or at a distance. It is very easy to do on your own. Indeed, the training lahochi remote is done in an hour. It entitles you to a practitioner document in audio and PDF format (to download).

It's a training which also entitles you to a teacher's manual in PDF format (to download) and an initiation. The latter is done remotely, and this, for 30 minutes. In addition, it allows access to certain videos, which show the different positions of the hands to better carry out the sessions.

It should not be forgotten that this distance training gives the right to a certificate of practitioner and teacher. This is sent by email at the end of the initiation. However, it should be noted that the remote lahochi training does not in any way exempt you from undergoing medical treatment. She also does not exclude consulting a doctor.

Why take this training

Thanks to this distance training, you will know how to circulate the vital energy within you. Indeed, the lahochi itself makes it possible to clearing energy blockages. It clears up imbalances on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. It also helps to increase your rate of vibration and strengthen the immune system.

In addition, by following this training, you develop skills sensory, meditative, physical and intuitive. Then, it actively and harmoniously stimulates your natural self-healing abilities of mind and body. It will also allow you to re-harmonize your meridians and your chakra.

Finally, if you opt for this training, you rebalance your subtle energies and eliminate toxins. You increase your vitality, your physical endurance and above all, your well-being. You will also be relieved of your pains by improving your health. You will be more relaxed while dissipating stress, strong emotions and anxiety.

How to follow this training?

Several points should be taken into account before taking the course.

Get started

To follow a remote lahochi training, you have to go through the initiation. In other words, you must do a first session with an initiated person. Well before, you must feel ready to follow this one. As soon as you are, contact a trainer via his platform. You could also contact him by phone call.

Indeed, you must validate the acquisition of the distance course. When placing this order, you must also leave your details. Well again, you have to download the documents and view the videos.

Then you will make an appointment for a remote session. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to get answers to your various concerns. If you do not know, know that no initiation is done without the prior payment of the course.

laochi training

Choose a complete training

For your remote lahochi training complete, know that you will have access to both PDF documents (practitioner and teacher). You will also have access to the two videos (presentation and practice of a remote session). You will have slides that provide information on the position of the hands.

In addition, with a certified and available trainer, you will benefit from telephone support. This training, which will take place at your own pace, entitles you to a certificate of practitioner and teacher in the field.

Fulfill the terms and conditions

With this training, distance learning courses are automatically available on the platforms. They are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. Indeed, once you make the appointment, it is no longer possible to postpone it. And for questions, you can schedule an appointment of up to 30 minutes by videoconference.

Pay the price of the training

For such a training, you must provide at least 75 €. With this rate, you will certainly not be entitled to a one-day training. This price is one of the lowest on the market. And because of this, your training might not look like the traditional one.

Generally, the cost of a distance Lahochi training and programs vary from trainer to trainer. For an exclusive training, you must plan between 100 and 547 €. Accompanied by a complete energy treatment, you can spend almost 900 €.

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training duration

Ici, il s’agit bien d’une formation qui se tiendra sur un rendez-vous téléphonique. En effet, la durée de celle-ci est d’environ 20h (au minimum), dont 45 minutes pour les soins d’initiation. Par suite, vous devez vous familiariser avec l’énergie lahochi. Et pour ce fait, vous disposez des 21 jours qui suivent pour faire des auto-traitements.

You should be well informed about the conditions and prices in order to better organize yourself.

Who can take this training?

One way or another, a remote lahochi training is provided by an energy specialist. Long before, this person must be trained in lahochi. This must also be initiated and must be certified. She must have the necessary level, that of a “lahochi master”.

Indeed, anyone can follow this holistic healing training by the hands. In reality, it is only through practice and opening one's own channels that a person can become proficient. The knowledge of the practice is transmitted during the initiation, and this, by a master lahochi.

Then, after a period of practical and philosophical integration of the lahochi, the initiation allows you to become yourself, a professional. It also allows to become a trainer of this approach of light.

What is the training program?

As mentioned above, this training is usually done by appointment. It is therefore up to you to fix it using the “booking appointment” form. Indeed, as soon as you determine the date, you will receive a preparation guide beforehand. The latter will help you understand the course of the initiation.

Then you receive two e-book documents as a bonus. These actually present two other energetic stages of release. In addition, you will be entitled to updates, but also to additional additions.

LaHoChi Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaHoChi?

LaHoChi is a healing technique transmitted through the laying on of hands. It brings a very high frequency of Light. It is considered by some to be a form of Reiki, although the way of channeling this energy and laying on of hands to transmit the energy of Light and Love is fundamentally different from Usui Reiki. LaHoChi can be used alone or in combination with other healing systems. It is an energy with very high vibrational frequencies, which can act on physical, emotional and spiritual ailments.

How does a distance LaHoChi training take place?

A LaHoChi distance training is composed of 9 complete modules, in audio, video and written format. A quiz allows you to obtain a LaHoChi practitioner and teacher certificate. A private self-help group allows access to the trainer and the students in order to build relationships and get answers to questions.

Why do LaHoChi?

The benefits of each LaHoChi energy healing session are many and vary from person to person. Here is what other people may experience during a session:

  • Opens, cleanses and harmonizes the chakras and meridian systems.
  • Clears old belief systems, limiting thoughts, and blockages that are out of alignment with your soul purpose.
  • Reweaves the energy field by repairing holes, tears and broken areas caused by various circumstances (drugs, accidents, trauma, environmental toxins)
  • Reduces stress and fears
  • Complete state of relaxation and realignment of the body