Youth Body Renewal: Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion


Your skin needs the best ingredients to stay young and beautiful. Your skin is young, smooth and soft, but after a few years of exposure to the vagaries of the environment, it can benefit from a rejuvenation treatment with Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion.

Young and Beautiful Body Lotion with fruit extracts is formulated to moisturize, soften and refresh your skin after showering. Essential moisturizing ingredients are so rich they leave skin feeling smooth, supple and youthful all day.

Young and beautiful body lotion with fruit extracts penetrates deep into the skin for maximum hydration. This youthful formula has a non-greasy texture that feels light on your skin, gliding easily to cover your entire body.

This youthful formula scented with pure essential oils of gardenia flowers smells divine. Essential oils are extracted from the flowers by steam distillation or cold pressing the fresh flowers, creating an oil containing the distilled essence of the flower's fragrance.Essential Moisturizing Ingredients: Youthful and Beautiful

Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion is a non-greasy formula that leaves no residue on your skin, ensuring that the youthful and beautiful body lotion penetrates deep into the skin's surface.

How to use Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion?

How to use: Gently apply Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion all over your body, massaging gently so that it penetrates your skin. Best used after bath or shower, when your skin is most receptive to moisture.

For youthful, beautiful skin, use Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion to help slow the development of signs of aging. With age, the production of collagen in the skin begins to decline. One of its main components, elastin fiber, is also under attack from free radicals that are generated during daily cellular processes.

Synthesis and distribution of collagen fibers become slower with age, making your skin saggy and wrinkled. Luminesce Essential Renewal Body Lotion contains ingredients that help maintain youthful-looking skin for up to 48 hours by stimulating the creation of new elastin tissue. Elastin massages are great, but it's even better if you can have youthful-looking skin without being massaged!

Luminesce products are not tested on animals and contain no animal products.